SAHP and homeschooling
SAHP and Homeschooling

Dear Home Engineer,

It makes me happy that you found this website.

Whether you have been doing this for one day or if you have been at it longer, our goal is to walk alongside you and provide the resources you need to have a successful start to your SAHP and/or first-year homeschooling journey.

Being a SAHP is no small task and we want to provide a community here where you can learn from others and grow on this all so important journey.

First, let me start by sharing why the name Home Engineer.

The original intent was to reach the Stay-at-home mom audience. But then we were reminded that there are stay-at-home parents that are not moms, such as guardians like yourself that are trying to figure out this lifestyle change just as much as any other parent.

Yes, the founder is a SAHM and she desires to reach out to fathers, uncles, aunts, and other guardians that have been given the blessed role of being a stay-at-home parent during this season of their lives.

That’s why we chose the name Home Engineer. We will dive deep into this site on ways to build your home from within, through character lessons, life skill lessons and basic first year homeschooling tips for the SAHP that chooses to start the homeschool journey.

Which by the way its highly encouraged you pursue homeschooling for your kids.

But more importantly it’s about creating an environment that encourages nurtures, grows and revives faith in the home. While actively being present in all the moving pieces of the home and enjoying every moment of it.

What is family?

There are a plethora of opinions and examples out on the internet of the definition of family. The definition here on DearHomeEngr.com website is the following: Family is the foundational training ground to help guide a child in becoming a productive citizen both at home and outside of the home.

Family is the foundational training ground to help guide a child in becoming a productive citizen both at home and out side of home.


The inner circle family consist of Legal guardians to a child or children. The extended family can be whom the inner circle family deems as so. One reason for this is that even scripture teaches that some friends will be closer than a brother. And in several homes, friends fall into that category easily.

List of family values

We will start with basics that DearHomeEng.com families strive to stand for daily, preferable in the following order;

  • Spiritual well being
  • Emotional Well being
  • Social well being both within family and relationships outside of family
  • Financial Well being

Here at DearHomeEngr.com you will see life skills, character activities and more.

They will be readily available in helping families like yours reach the desired family values in your home. To add, the foundation of our websites values goes back to biblical truths. There is much to learn in scripture when it comes to living out family values each day.

Advantages of being a stay at home parent

Here at DearHomeEngr.com we see that there are several advantages of being a stay at home parent. The top three pointers you will see referenced several times on this site are the following;

  • The spiritual well being of your kids
  • You are the main influencer and ‘go-to’ person for the tough questions in life
  • A platform to share life skills needed to help your child be a productive student and citizen at home and in society

There are several more advantages to being a stay-at-home parent. And that list will look different in each home. But the main three we listed above draws the attention of caring parents like yourself to sites like DearHomeEngr.com, where you see the importance of helping your kids think for themselves instead of being told how to think.

Disadvantages of being a stay at home parent

Here at DearHomeEngr.com we are believers that there are more advantages then disadvantages to being at Stay at home parent. But a pattern we have noticed from previous families that have communicated the disadvantages of being a Stay at home parent are the following:

  • Difficulty connecting with likeminded groups
  • parent and child conflicts. Usually do to being unaware of resources or services to help mitigate family conflicts
  • Inconsistency or no routines in place, which eventually led to families feeling like giving up the idea all together
  • Financial insecurities

It’s not an easy road. Nothing worth fighting for is, but it’s definitely a rewarding road. Once you look back, you will be so glad you started when you did.

One thing we have learned here in DearHomeEngr.com is that the first year is the hardest and once you overcome the basic hurdles and challenges that come with walking in unknown territory your first year, the light wont be so dim at the end of the tunnel.

DearHomeEngr.com’s goal is to help families have a successful first year as SAHP or in homeschooling and be encouraged to continue on for many years.

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