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Use these encouraging sayings in your homeschool. Here’s why?

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Encouraging words to use with your Homeschooler

Dear Home Engineer,

Let’s be real right now. You are being hard on yourself, aren’t you? There’s a voice in your mind telling you how incompetent you are to guide these kids in this new venture of homeschooling.

Let me tell you as a fellow homeschool parent and friend that we have all felt like that at one point in our journey.

Stop listening to the lies and choose instead to listen to these encouraging words to use in your homeschooling.

Without even realizing it you’re blinded by fear and doubt your first year. Which is one of the reasons you feel the way you feel right now, overwhelmed and lost.

In due time the fear and doubt lens will be removed and your eyes will be open to seeing all the beautiful benefits of being home with your kids.

One benefit will be seen instantly when you start saying these encouraging saying to yourself and your homeschooler in your first year.

Inspiring Homeschool quote

One important truth to mention before we dive into these encouraging sayings is the following

“The one who controls the rudder steers the ship.”

In the book of James chapter 3 verses 3-5 in the New Testament section of the Bible, we learn something intriguing about the power of the tongue.

It compares the tongue to bits in a horse’s mouth, the rudder of a ship, and a small fire.

What do these 3 examples have in common? That is best explained in the following verse.

Now if we put the bits into the horses’ mouths so that they will obey us, we direct their whole body as well. Look at the ships too: though they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are nevertheless directed by a very small rudder wherever the inclination of the pilot determines. So also the tongue is a small part of the body, and yet it boasts of great things.

See how great a forest is set aflame by such a small fire!

James 3:3-5

Were you able to catch what they all have in common?

An overlooked tool, but yet important one, can control more than what meets the eye.

Like a bit into the horse’s mouth guides the horse’s body in the right or wrong path, or the rudder on a ship can guide a ship in the right or wrong path. Lastly, a small fire can lead to a great forest fire if we do not stop it in time.

Now let the proceeding thought sink in, all these examples in scripture are compared to the power of a human tongue. In other words, the power of your tongue is compared to the same purpose of a bit, a rudder, and a small flame.

You see, the words spoken daily can either hinder or help the homeschooling journey for all parties involved.

Now with that said, think of the rudder on a ship and its purpose in moving the ship, as we dive into these encouraging sayings to use your first year of homeschooling.


Let us start with the first three powerful words that can show evident change once they are practiced.

Please Forgive me.

These words are not easy to say, here’s why, because you are admitting you are wrong about something. The ugliness of pride creeps up and puts us in a vulnerable place if and when we say these words.

But time and time again when I have practiced saying this in my home to my children, during our chaotic homeschooling days, it has helped our environment be more respectful and loving.

To move our kids in a positive and healthy direction in the first year of homeschooling, we need to be mindful of our speech and seek forgiveness when we are in the wrong.

Once you take the initiative and model these powerful words first, you will soon find that your child will do the same when they’re in error.

And let me tell you, it will warm your heart when you hear your child take ownership of their wrongdoing and say “please forgive me.”

Now, that’s a good character trait to have no matter what your age.


This one is my favorite phrase to say and do.

Since children understand life through their own lens this one will be done often. That’s a good thing if you ask me.

Let’s take for example if we were to ask a child that is around reading age to finish homework by themselves and clean their room before they go and play.

To an Adult, those are easy instructions. To a child, those are a lot of steps and can lead to anxiety.

Let me clarify before I continue. I am a believer in setting high standards for our kids since the sky is the limit with homeschooling.

I’m just reminded that while I am setting the standards high, it’s ok to hug them along the way while they are figuring out the challenges of homework or tackling their messy room independently.

When your child appears overwhelmed, even if it doesn’t logically sit well with you, try using this powerful phrase and ask them, do you need a hug? No need to elaborate.

If they choose to share more about their anxiety or struggles then I suggest you take the time to listen.

If they do share, I caution you with this, please listen and refrain from critiquing or undermining their overwhelm.

It’s temporary the feeling they are going through.

The hug shows them they are not alone and that whatever they are facing is fixable.

The best part about this is kids model our behavior.

My daughter has applied this same strategy to me on my hard days, by asking me ‘Do you need a hug?” Instantly I felt better. I firsthand experienced how effective and heartwarming this gesture can be in any given situation.

If you are not used to hugs, just know that you will find it awkward at first.

Especially if touch is not your love language. But once you see the improvement in your relationship with your child, you will soon find yourself doing this more times than you can count.


Almost every time I say these 3 powerful words a smile appears on my daughter’s face.

This speaks so much that no matter the mistakes that were made throughout the day, from the yelling to the whining to the poor attitude. Our children are still a blessing from the Lord.

The mere fact that we are given such a God-glorifying task of raising kids in the way they should go, we do well in reminding them of this truth.

Even when they struggle with math, or make a mess when cooking, or do not properly wash their dish.

No matter what their temporary struggle is, they are still a blessing.

They are a blessing to God, to you, to your extended family, and to the people around them.

Children need to be reminded of this truth that you still care and will continue to guide them on the right path, even if they fight you and want to do it their way.

On a side note, I believe a home has an opportunity of being a safe haven for kids to make mistakes and grow in maturity.

But just because I say kids are a blessing does not mean kids are always good in behavior. In no way do I excuse or ignore wrong behavior or make my kids feel they can do nothing wrong.

With that said, there will be times kids act unruly and as the parent, we need to remind ourselves to take action and seek counsel on how to best guide our kids when they are misbehaving.

In a way, it humbles us adults and reminds us that we use to do the same with our parents when we were that age.

Thinking like this puts us in a mindset of showing grace and mercy to our kids. The same way God has shown us grace and mercy when we act foolishly.

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Key Take-Aways from these encouraging sayings to use in homeschooling

Please forgive me. Do you need a Hug? You’re a blessing.

These words can make a difference when used often in your home.

Homeschooling can be rough some days and having these encouraging words readily available will make all the difference in enduring to the end.

Notice that I mentioned how it ends because that is really what it boils down to.

It’s not only about how you start homeschooling but also about the memories and experiences shared that you can look back on at the end of the journey.

Let’s revive a love for the home where kids want to physically be there and where encouraging words can be the norm instead of the exception.


Veronica (Your Home Engineer Friend)

Encouraging words to use for new homeschooling parents

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