What supplies do you need for homeschooling?

A simple homeschool supply checklist to create a homeschool environment your first-year

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A simple supply checklist to encourage a creative homeschool environment your first year

Dear Home Engineer,

You have made the long-awaited decision and you are now diving into the beginning steps of starting a homeschool environment in your first-year.

Now you are wondering, oh no! Can I really do this? How can I homeschool cheaply? Will I be able to handle the duties as a SAHM and provide a positive homeschool environment for my new homeschooler?

Every time you search online you are bombarded with advice and list after list on what well-meaning homeschool parents recommend to help you stay organized.

Let me start by saying that I do agree that there are a handful of items that are convenient to have in the home to start a homeschool environment. In the same way, there are kitchen appliances and tools that are helpful as a first-year home engineer that helps make the Environment at home more manageable.

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Encouragement for first-year homeschooling moms

encouraging homeschool mom

Before we dive in I want to send a round of applause your way.

It is very admirable of you to pursue this path. The path that is least taken by many and is not for the faint of heart.

Not only are you taking on the noble task of being a home engineer and steering your family in the right direction. You are a brave soul to venture out into unknown territory desiring to create a positive learning environment at home.

If there is one thing I want you to take away after reading this post, it is this, your daily support and listening ear in your child’s life is the most important contribution to your planning this first year homeschooling.

Don’t let lack of supplies or confusion of what you need to start the year cause you to feel discouraged or incompetent.

Give yourself time to adjust to all the different changes you will be encountering in the home.

Let this first year be the time you take to learn what is helpful to have in your homeschool environment to encourage creativity and love for learning.

What supplies will make things easier in your homeschooling?

You will learn quickly that a lot of supplies you can do without your first year.

But after six years of creating a homeschool environment in my home, I have learned that there are some supplies that are just fun to have and help encourage creativity when delivering a lesson.

So when I say they are necessary, I’m talking to those of you mamas that desire an environment of free thinkers having the tools easily available to live out the ideas that come to mind throughout the day of learning.

Useful supplies for parent to provide a creative homeschool environment

Library card for each child or just one per family. You pick. (to access library books and online free resources)


Laminator sheets

Epson Eco tank Printer Currently the most raved about and affordable for homeschool printing needs is the Eco tank printer. It uses ink bottles instead of ink cartridges which just means that Ink bottles last as long as a year or more)

Printer paper

A decent computer or tablet

Reusable Dry Erase Pocket Sleeves. You could always use the laminator instead. But sometimes these come in handy for certain concepts that a child needs reinforcement in. After a week or so your child might not need that particular worksheet anymore. So you can easily switch for another worksheet concept they are struggling in. Repetition is key with elementary-aged kids. I’ve used these for cursive practice, math practice, and foreign language practice to name a few.

Dry erase markers

3- ring binders to store work you plan to save. Unless you are purchasing a workbook that has consumable pages where a child can write in the workbook.

A banker box file storage box will be needed at the end of the year. But I wrote it down for those who plan ahead like me 🙂

HIgh-end sharpener (I highly suggest you stay away from cheap or generic in this item. It will be one less headache knowing you do not need to every minute of the day to help your child sharpen broken pencils. A strong durable sharpener is a God sent, and I am not even joking.

3-hole punch

Sticky notes a variety of sizes, to write notes or track where you last left off in a workbook or teacher manual. One way to avoid the constant question “Mommy, what do I do now?”)

The US and World Desk Map

Treasure Box for your reward or incentive system to help motivate kids to finish their work.

School supplies containers/ caddy to organize students supplies or teacher supplies.

Supplies to assist a child in a focused and creative learning Environment

Regular pencils (Pre-sharpened Wood Cased #2 HB Pencils)

(optional but very helpful) Beginner’s thick pencils for primary grades, beginner writers

Pencil Erasers, Pencil Eraser Shaving Roller Case for Easy Pick Up and Removal


sketch pencil

Drawing and handwriting books

(Optional) Permanent Art Markers for Kids, Highlighter Pen Sketch Markers for Drawing Sketching. My daughter loves these markers, her work always looks very professional after she is done, encourages her to use them in her learning.

color pencils


1- roll of art paper

glue sticks

composition book/notebooks


tape dispenser and tape

(comes in handy) Toilet paper rolls – either save them or buy them.

(comes in handy) Hand Pointers, Homeschool, Classroom Helper

(comes in handy) Playdough (dollar store brand works well also)

(comes in handy) popsicle sticks (dollar store brand works well also)

(comes in handy) Legos

One supply that’s my favorite and has been used in all subjects

At the end of the student’s list, I mentioned a few items that will come in handy. They have been in our homeschool since I started in 2014.

Several of these items you can search up on youtube and see hundreds of videos on how other creative parents used them to teach a lesson and help their child understand a new subject.

My favorite item by far is the use of Legos for learning.

Many families have Legos at home, why not take them out and use them to play with your kids and learn at the same time.

And if for some reason, you do not own any legos, that’s ok, I was one of those parents that refuse to have them until I started homeschooling.

Check out Amazon. They have affordable prices on a bag of assorted Legos that are compatible with all major brand legos.

Now that you have your legos in front of you, head on over to the Lego Education website. You will find so many valuable resources to prepare your children, for school and life with their creative intuitive solutions.

Through their educational resources, you are able to get several lesson plans in your hands that encourages learning and builds confidence in the area of science and math.

First-year homeschooling related articles

Key takeaways for making your First Year Creative and Easy

So I know the list is extensive but remember several of the items can help in making your homeschool environment fun and flow nicely.

One example is the heavy duty pencil sharpener.

The last thing you need on your to-do list of the day is to deal with a child struggling to use a sharpener while you are in the middle of prepping dinner.

You will thank me later once you have it in your homeschool environment, it’s the small things that make a huge difference manging the home life and homeschool.

I will continue posting amazing content to help you get a handle of your first year at home and hoemschooling.

All you need to do is pick through what works best for you, stay consistent with your routine, and you will be just fine.

Consistency is key.

You got this! Now go and make this a reality in your home and reach out by email or comment below if you have any questions or need help in your first year of homeschooling.

Thank you for reading this letter, have a blessed day.


Veronica (Your Home Engineer Friend)

A simple supply checklist to encourage a creative homeschool environment your first year

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