3 Starter Books for First-Year Homeschooling Moms

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Starter Books for First-Year Homeschooling Moms

Visualize with me for a moment. Amazon is open on your web browser and ‘homeschool books’ have been typed in the search bar.

You stare at the screen for quite some time and then you ask yourself…

“Where do I even begin in my search for a book about homeschooling?”

Not to mention all the books appear to have faces and if they could talk they would say “Buy me now, or you will miss out!”

With this in mind, you still read the five-star average customer reviews of the top homeschooling book list on amazon.

In hopes that if you purchase the book you’re previewing it will help answer the unknowns in homeschooling.

Before you click ‘add to cart’ please consider taking the time to review the starter books for new homeschooling moms.

You never know, one of them might be what you have been looking for all along.

These are the starter books that have paved my journey through the years since I started back in 2014. They are also well known in the homeschool community.

But If you don’t mind.

Before I share the starter book recommendations please consider the following questions and thoughts to help guide you in your purchase.

Why are you homeschooling?

When I asked myself this question six years ago it helped me clarify my focus and purpose of homeschooling.

As a result, purchasing a book was easier since I was looking for resources that aligned with my ‘why.’

I will write about my reason “why’ in the list below. Maybe one of them might resonate with you…

  • Preserving my child’s spiritual well-being
  • Reassuring my child’s emotional safety
  • Improving my communication with my child
  • To provide a safe Haven at home for my child to make mistakes and learn life skills.
  • To learn both sides of the story in all academic areas. For example, introducing the Evolution view and Biblical view of science textbooks. There’s a difference.

You see, in our home the spiritual, emotional and academic well being of my child became our ‘why’ In that order.

Take the time to answer ‘Why’ for your home. This will go a long way in helping you find the resources you need to start.

Confessions of a Homeschooling Mom

After you know your ‘Why’ you have a starting point in your homeschool journey. It will take some time to get there but starting here will be worth it in the long run.

It’s very tempting to start with academic rigor based curriculum and start printing out the state standards and grade level checklists.

Let me advise you to take caution and examine your motives first before doing this.

For example, allow me to share my experience.

Back when I started, I had a mindset that I was going to show all the naysayers that my daughter can excel at home better than anywhere else.

Literally I would sit down my child and read out each checklist item for her current grade level. I would have her show me on paper or explain in words if she understood the standard.

It was unpleasant, to say the least. And she was only in first grade. As time passed I did not enjoy being home and my daughter did not enjoy it either.

Being this way led to constant fighting and disinterest in learning with my child. Later on, I saw that I was provoking anger as well as encouraging insecurities in my child.

Consider systems in place in your homeschool

But for you, I recommend you first learn from my mistakes. Secondly, focus on creating a system in your home for productive and healthy homeschooling.

This is where these three starter books will provide ideas and suggestions to help put together a working, healthy system in your home.

After reading one or all of these books, you will have solid ideas to start today.

Success will look different in every home. Consequently, the principles present in these books will be suggestions to help navigate your homeschool vision for your family.

Here you go. Lets check out the 3 starter book recommendations.

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Homeschool books for new moms

Well trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer

This book is a day to day ideas book on how to approach different subjects through the lens of classical education. It is tempting to think you need to do all that is suggested in the book, but you will learn quickly that it is better to keep it simple.

Start by going at the pace of your child’s development. And you can use this book to reference when you learn about areas of struggle in your child’s learning. You will find organization ideas as well as different plans to learn from how to run your school day.

There’s a section of the book where the author provides grade-level reading book recommendations. The book is very meaty so it will be used as a reference more than a sit down to read in one sitting.

Also, I know you will benefit from the resources at the end of the book. There are pages and pages of ideas from science fairs to different writing contests and other contests your kids can participate in as young as 1st grade.

You will be happy with this book but It can be pricey. So if money is tight you could always check if your local library carries it.

The Core by Leigh A. Bortins

Similarly to Well Trained Mind, The Core book is a more condensed user-friendly version of the well-trained mind. Well, at least that’s how it was introduced to me when I first heard about his book.

This 200-page book is a curriculum guide and helps parents think about ways to help their kids prepare for adulthood. It will motivate you and help you think differently about how your kids learn best.

For instance, at the time I purchased this book my child was struggling with geography. Anything related to maps she detested.


Well because I made her sit down and trace ceratin states or cities to learn the location. I saw other kids doing it and I thought my daughter would enjoy it too.

When I open this book I went straight to the geography chapter and one suggestion she gave was to use dry eraser markers and have younger kids draw blobs on the window of the different locations. I tried that immediately and saw my daughter enjoy geography from that point on.

I know the same can happen for you and you will walk away with creative ideas to help your child in all subject areas.

Teaching from Rest by Sarah Mackenzie

This book is one of my go-to motivational books. Sarah the author, gives philosophical and practical wisdom for home education. It provides encouragement when you doubt the journey or question why you are homeschooling in the first place.

She asks thought-provoking questions that get you thinking about the now and how it can affect the later. One example is the following question she asked in her book and I paraphrase…

Several years from now when your child talks to their friends about homeschooling, what are some words they will use to describe their homeschool experience?

When I heard this question I had to pause my audio book.

It made me cringe because I knew deep down inside my daughter would say more negative than positive when describing our homeschool situation.

From that day forward I changed my tactics and approach to homeschool. And began living in a way that she will be able to one day say to her friends that my homeschool experience was conversational, loving and enjoyable.

Hands down you will leave more encouraged and empowered to practice restful home education after reading this book.

Final thoughts for Homeschooling Starter Books

As mentioned before the books shared are starter books to help encourage you on your new journey as a homeschool mom. The advice and wisdom shared in these books will open your mind to think outside of the norm of the regular school day.

You see that’s the beauty of homeschooling our children. You have the freedom to go at the pace of the child and to grow and learn with them.

You will encounter hiccups and errors the first year it’s inevitable, we all go through it. Even the perfect Pinterest homeschool mom goes through it.

But reading books like the ones mentioned will encourage you to focus on your why and build confidence in your first year of homeschooling.

You got this mama.

Below are more resources you are welcome to look into if you are wanting more homeschool mom advice.

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After learning about these books which one spiked your interest?

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments. And if there is any homeschool book you’re currently reading as a new homeschool mom and don’t mind sharing, let us know in the comments.

First Year of Homeschooling Moms Starter Books

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