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The Best Self-Teaching Homeschool Online Reading Curriculum

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A Quality Self-Teaching Curriculum for Beginner Readers

Moms through the years have expressed the frustration involved in helping beginner readers.

Maybe you are feeling overwhelmed on where to even begin teaching reading? Or you know what to do but don’t have the patience or time to teach a beginner reader.

No matter what the reason is the frustration is real for every parent.

You See, you are not alone in feeling this way.

Do not despair, your elementary student will not always be a struggling reader.

As a mom with an elementary student that knows how to read. I can first hand tell you that it can be done.

Granted that they are given the proper tools and support. Your child will be on the right path to becoming a strong fluent reader.

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Ron Paul Curriculum Reading for k/1st-3rd grade

In the year 2016, I was researching a Kinder/first-grade phonics-based reading program and came across Ron Paul reading curriculum.

I felt compelled to start it right away with my Kinder child at the time. It met the standards and goals I had for my child’s education.

You see, I was turned off by what is now common core and I knew I wanted something different for my child.

This curriculum focused on the mastery of a skill instead of only teaching skills to pass a grade-level standardized test.

That was important to me.

The Best part of the Ron Paul Reading Curriculum is that the First 40 lessons are free. This is a great opportunity to try it risk-free and I’m glad I did.

From that day forward I am always referring homeschool families to Ron Paul Curriculum.

Ron Paul Curriculum Creates an Environment that Encourages Self-Discilpline

There are many benefactors to using Ron Paul Reading Curriculum. The most compelling one is that you can prepare your child as young as kinder to practice self-discipline.

This is not a common skill that’s practiced in elementary-aged children. The main reason is it requires a consistent self-disciplined environment.

Meaning that as the parent you would be intentional about preparing your home environment to encourage self-discipline.

I assure you that it can be done. My daughter started learning the skills of self-discipline as early as 4 years old.

This was made a reality by practicing daily focusing exercises. Some examples are cleaning her room, counting money, and practicing skills related to reading daily.

Yes, there are times she gets distracted and starts playing with her little sister. Its to be expected, she is only nine years old.

And as her parent, its my duty to navigate her back and encourage self-discipline.

We did not get there in one day or even in a month. It did take a while and I’m glad we started her young because I am seeing how much it is paying off now.

Improve Focus and Concentration in your Child

As a first-year homeschool parent, you will benefit from exposing your child young to self-discipline principles that encourage concentration in your child.

You will soon find that it will be your ally during the homeschool journey. I call it the daily focusing exercises to a self-disciplined child.

Anything for 15 minutes a day works.

Kind of like the Ron Paul Reading 1A videos that are 15 minutes a day.

Not only are the children learning phonics in this curriculum, which Is foundational for building strong readers. Your child is also learning to focus for 15 minutes a day on a subject that will benefit them later on in their education.

Parental involvement in reading curriculum

What does Parental Involvement look like for Ron Paul Reading Curriculum?

Once you start your child in a self-taught curriculum the easier your homeschool experience will be for you and your child.

Let’s be frank if a child can navigate youtube or an Xbox console then a child can navigate a video-based reading program.

Below are a few steps to consider doing when using the Ron Paul Reading Curriculum:

1. Have the video ready to go

After your morning routine, your student will go to their homeschool station and sit in front of an already set up computer with the video ready to go.

I suggest having the Ron Paul Website saved on the favorite bar on your web browser. That way your child can click on the Ron Paul Icon and go straight to the reading course on their own.

2. Sit with your child for the first few days

Sit alongside your child a few times a week during the 15-minute video.

Doing this will help you check for understanding of the concepts taught.

Make a mental note to yourself that you are quietly listening and encouraging them to try their best. Let them first struggle through it and figure it out for themselves.

At the time your child is struggling then help them, but only by asking questions to help them figure out the solution.

The RPC videos do a good job of reviewing previous concepts, so give it time. It will be more enjoyable for you and your child when you let your child develop at their own pace.

3. Encourage your child to go back to the video

Encourage your child to go back to the video if there is frustration with a new concept learned.

Refrain from thinking negatively if your child needs to repeat a lesson.

There was a time my daughter spent two days in the same lesson. She did not understand how to do something so she taught herself by reviewing the video. That is one way to encourage self-discipline and to help your child take ownership of their learning.

4. Print out the daily assigned worksheets in advance

At the end of the daily lesson, there will be a link to the worksheet of the day. The worksheet will help your child reinforce the concepts they have just learned in the video.

So make sure your printer is ready to go. Anticipate using your printer frequently throughout the course since there are no textbooks only PDFs in the curriculum.

I highly suggest you print out the week’s worksheets before your homeschool week starts. That way your child will do the worksheet immediately and not be an idle student.

For a kinder and first grade student, I highly encourage you to invest in a beginner pencil to use when completing worksheets. It has proven to reduce the frustration that comes from learning the skills of gripping a pencil and handwriting for the first time.

I also encourage you to provide a Lined whiteboard so your homeschooler can practice throughout the week using other mediums.

The extra tools will help with your child staying engaged and following along with the video.

5. Encourage Self -Assessment

The videos will do a weekly review every Friday. But to reinforce a skill it’s suggested you do the same and have your child assess themselves.

One way is to have them show you what they have learned and to sound out the letters or words they learned that week.

I had my child teach me what she learned. During that time I was a student and she was the teacher. This was one of her favorite Sell-assessment activities.

connection with reading and writing

Connection with Reading and Writing

Another important aspect of the Ron Paul Reading curriculum is the emphasis that is put on weekly writing in each course.

In the reading 1Acourse, you will see writing practice happen weekly. From writing sentences to doing a spelling quiz.

By the end of the course, if your child stays consistent, you will see improvement in both reading and writing.

You see, without realizing it many parents separate the two subjects. But research has shown that reading and writing go hand in hand.

Let me share with you a quote from The National Council of Teachers of English from their post “The Relationship Between Writing and Reading

“discipline-based instruction in reading and writing enhances student achievement in all subjects … Without strategies for reading course material and opportunities to write thoughtfully about it, students have difficulty mastering concepts. These literacy practices are firmly linked with both thinking and learning.”

NCTE Policy Brief

Ron Paul Curriculum does just that. As early as the reading course for primary grade kids are doing both reading and writing strategies.

And if you are one of the lucky ones that can have your child continue on all the way to high school with RPC. Your child would graduate from RPC writing over 800 papers. That is unheard of in many homeschool programs.

Definitely a win-win situation if you ask me.

Writing Supplement Activities

The writing done in the reading 1A program is very basic and repetitive. Which is a good thing for younger students.

If you find that your students are doing the worksheets quickly and can benefit from a supplemental program I have one you can consider.

Notebooking pages have been tried and true in providing the support you need. It’s one way of supplementing and strengthening your child’s writing skills.

Furthermore, the note booking pages encourage both print and cursive which is a bargain deal. Cursive has been a lost art in schools, but it still important to learn since it not going away anytime soon.

Why not have your child start sooner than later in feeling confident in their writing .

Alphabet Copywork Notebooking Pages (Print & Cursive)

cost of reading curriculum

How much is Ron Paul Curriculum?

So you are probably wondering for something as good as this self-taught curriculum it must cost an arm and a leg.

Well, you will be in for a surprise.

The Ron Paul Curriculum Cost $250 a year and this is for the family yearly membership. And with each course, you purchase, which in this case would be Reading 1A it’s only $50 a course.

There is a 60-day money-back guarantee each academic year.

Not only are you getting more time back to yourself while the video-based learning guides your kids. You are providing quality education at an affordable price.

Key Take aways for Beginner Reading Curriculum

If you are looking for a reading program where an experienced teacher does the grunt of the work to teach the rules of reading, Ron Paul Reading Curriculum is for you.

Not only is your child going to learn the rules behind words and the connection to reading. You are also going to see improvement in your Child’s writing skills.

Stick with a reading program that encourages both reading and writing in the program. Ron Paul Reading program does that for your child.

Most Importantly consider a program that encourages your child to practice self-discipline at a young age. The Ron Paul Curriculum provides a video-based curriculum daily and every Friday is a writing practice and review of the week’s work. This is one tactic that encourages mastery of the skill taught in the week.

The Best Self-Teaching Homeschool Online Reading Curriculum

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